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Annette Funicello

Episode 38 · Jan 25th 2020

Annette Funicello was America’s Sweetheart. Her fans loved her, and she loved everyone in return. A Mouseketeer for life, Annette was the Disney Queen, and she was simply “Annette”.

**I’ve been made aware that around 18:30 into this episode that a song is not playing so there is either silence, or a sped-up sound that plays for roughly 30 seconds. I have re-uploaded the show in hopes to eliminate the problem. It does not seem to occur when listening via the website, or YouTube. Skip this, or keep listening – it does pick up as normal after the hiccup (if it is still happening). Since I re-uploaded the episode, you may see it again in your feed. Sorry for any inconvenience. Thank you!**

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